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We are an academic society

For media buyers, Digital marketers, Entrepreneurs. All who want to learn inside secrets today to earn big money tomorrow.

Purple Knowledge Lab

We were started by high volume media buyers who wanted to optimize performance and noticed a gap in the information available.

I want knowledge

They talked a lot.

Do not walk much.

Learn from experts who are up-to-date, hands-on, and are in the trenches right NOW. Just like you.

Where education meets technology

to generate leads and sales.

Get ready for some truly Geeky knowledge that is recent, relevant and transparent.

We talk the talk

AND walk the walk.

Purple Knowledge Lab has been designed to fill your toolbox with useful, effective information about the rapidly-changing online advertising landscape.

There is nothing more

current then NOW.

Purple Knowledge Lab is the place to find actionable information to navigate and optimize your marketing efforts. From click to conversion...regardless of new policy changes, recent updates and current market conditions.

We operate in "real time" with no “down time”

  • We crowdsource “real time” marketplace conditions and "traffic reports". Our members keep the community updated on advertising efforts, discoveries and challenges.
  • We do extreme vetting of individuals who are the “best-in-class” for their particular skillset.
  • We present the information on both macro and micro levels. ‘Theory plus tactics’ is our method. We provide the how and why coupled with copy and paste "recipes" used by today’s most successful players.
  • We provide educational tools for different types of learning and skill sets: in person via live events, live streams and online courses.

What our clients say about us

  • Nifal Adam

    Mechanical engineering

    This is such an awesome group, I love how everyone Ism selfless in dropping knowledge!

  • Michael Young

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    The law of attraction only "works" for people who actually work! Thanks for the add.

  • Rahil Ahuja

    Group Leader at Team Cvoter

    Hi, I am glad to be in the group trying to learn a lot Need help we are OTA Facing a lot of challenges in getting the right audience We are happy to work with affiliates or networks Can anyone through some light on what's the best way.

  • Dylan Carter

    Project manager

    Great! I Love to join great people!

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